Keywords: out-of-school education, public-management influence, educational services, educational development trends, availability of out-of-school education.


The article examines extracurricular education as an object of public-management influence. It was revealed that in the process of functioning of extracurricular education institutions, there are problems related to its availability and quality, as well as regulation by state and non-state organizations. It was determined that despite the difficult conditions of organizing the functioning of extracurricular education institutions, they act and help in ensuring psychological balance, organizing meaningful leisure time, and developing the creative abilities of children and student youth. Due to the fact that some of the educational institutions are located in the occupied territory, some are in the partially occupied territory, some of them have organized work with their pupils in a remote format. In addition, after-school education institutions of Ukraine are actively working to create conditions for the availability of out-of-school education for children who have found themselves in difficult life circumstances due to the war. It was revealed that the management of the educational activities of out-of-school education institutions is carried out through the state centers of out-ofschool education, which, to help the employees of these institutions, create electronic pages on their websites, where they post relevant normative, informational and reference materials regarding the involvement of children in quality and meaningful leisure time. The expediency of considering certain aspects of the study of extracurricular education as an object of public-management influence, such as the history and trends of the development of extracurricular education in Ukraine, is substantiated; the role of state and non-state organizations in the formation and regulation of extracurricular education; factors affecting the availability and quality of extracurricular education. It was concluded that extracurricular education is an important element of the education system, which ensures the development and selfre as an object of public management activity is important for determining the direction of its further development, the management of extracurricular education requires a comprehensive approach that takes into account various aspects of this sphere, such as financing, quality standards, programs and materials, scientific and methodological support, training and staff training, monitoring and performance evaluation.


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