Series: Public Management and Administration

The collection is focused on highlighting modern trends in the field of knowledge " Public Management and Administration ". Publishes original articles by authors who substantiate the theoretical background, applied aspects and methodological foundations of scientific solutions to various issues of theory and practice of public management, administration, public service, patterns of functioning and development of public administration and local government.

Articles, reviews, reports on scientific events and activities that correspond to the profile of the publication are accepted for publication. Each article must be reviewed anonymously.

Articles in English and Ukrainian of problematic, generalizing, review nature which have not been published before are accepted. The author of the article is responsible for the accuracy of the presented material, for the belonging of this material to him personally, for the correct citation of sources and references to them. The editorial office has a DOI and has the opportunity to receive author's articles (for an additional fee).


To publish the article in Vol. 1 (01), 2021 it is necessary to fill in the certificate of the author by December 1, 2021 (inclusive) and send the article designed in accordance with these requirements to the e-mail address: Authors who do not have a degree must submit an electronic version (scanned document or photo) of the recommendation to print the article in a collection from the relevant department or laboratory (excerpt from the minutes) or supervisor, certified by the seal of the institution.

File name: author's name_recommendation .jpg (or .pdf)

E.g.  Petrenko_recommendation. jpg (or .pdf).

All articles are peer-reviewed and plagiarized. After receiving confirmation from the editorial board of the acceptance of the article for publication, details are provided for the payment of the publication fee.

Sample design of the name of electronic files: Petrenko_article, Petrenko_receipt.


The volume of the article is 10-20 pages (Main part). Font - Times New Roman, size - 14, line spacing - 1.5, margins - all 2 cm, paragraph - 1.25 cm. Formatting paragraphs with spaces or tabs is not allowed. Only quotation marks of the following type should be used in the text: "". Transfers are prohibited in the text. Page numbering is not conducted.

The UDC index (universal decimal classifier) ​​is placed in front of the title of the article, a separate line in the upper left corner. The author determines the UDC index. Information about the author (authors) is indicated in English and Ukrainian after the UDC index (command - alignment in the width of the text) with indication of surname and name, degree and academic title, position, place of work and its full address, e-mail of each co-author; the line below - the ORCID number (, and the DOI (assigned by the editors at the expense of the author).

All information is given in the nominative case. The surname and name of the author (authors) are highlighted in bold and italics, other information - only in italics. Available in Ukrainian and English. The ORCID number is determined by the author.

Bibliographic description of the article (submitted by the editors). The abstract is submitted in Ukrainian and English (at least 1,800 characters with spaces in each annotation). Keywords - words from the text of the material which in terms of information retrieval carry a meaningful load. Keywords are presented in the nominative case, the total number of keywords is not less than three and not more than seven that are presented in Ukrainian and English. The main part of the article should contain the following structural elements:

  • urgency of the problem;
  • analysis of recent research and publications (only a list of surnames is not allowed);
  • defining the purpose and main objectives of the study;
  • presentation of the main research material;
  • conclusions and prospects for further investigation of this issue;
  • references in which all names of parts (headings) must be highlighted in bold (font).


References. References to sources should be made in square brackets with page numbers according to the source:

E.g. [3, p. 234] or [2, p. 35; 8, p. 234].


In accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine to the scientific professional publication and international standards of scientific publications, two separate lists of used sources and literature should be submitted:

1) It is necessary to draw up a list of used sources in alphabetical order in accordance with the National Standard for Bibliographic Information in Scientific Papers DSTU 8302: 2015.

2) The transliterated list of used sources, in accordance with the requirements of the SCOPUS and Web of Science scientometric database, is a complete analogue of the bibliography and is performed by transliterating the original language into Latin. The order and number of sources in the bibliography should remain unchanged. The name of each source in English is given in square brackets. References to English-language sources are not transliterated.