Plagiarism checking

The editors of the collection are concerned about the principles of academic integrity, and based on the results of the review of the manuscript has the right to refuse the author's publication if the text of the manuscript reveals:

  • plagiarism (disclosure of scientific results obtained by others as the results of their own research; literal citation of published texts of other authors without attribution; use of illustrative material without reference to the source; use without official permission of data and materials whose rights prohibit their publication without special consent);
  • self-plagiarism (reproduction without reference to the source of information of their own previously published texts);
  • compilation, excessive citation without proper analysis of sources of information, if the amount of such textual borrowing is not justified by the purpose and objectives of the article;
  • incorrect references to sources or incomplete composition of their bibliographic description, which prevents their identification;
  • falsification of data and research results.