Review Policy

The editorial board of the collection "Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education Herald" supports a certain level of requirements when receiving articles submitted to the editorial office. These norms are determined by the scientific direction of the collection and the quality standards of scientific works adopted in the scientific community.

In order to ensure a high level of scientific quality and quality of articles published in the collection all materials received by the editors are subject to mandatory review. The review procedure is focused on the most objective evaluation of the content of a scientific article determining its compliance with the requirements of the collection and provides a comprehensive analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of the article.

The articles submitted to the collection are reviewed confidentially on the principles of double-blind review: neither the authors nor the reviewers know each other. The author and reviewers are contacted exclusively by e-mail correspondence with the executive secretary of the editorial board.

The articles submitted to the editorial board are checked for compliance with the requirements for the structure and design of the material, and then sent to reviewers appointed by the Editor-in-Chief of the editorial board or invited external reviewers.

Based on the results of reading the manuscript of the article reviewers send to the editors one of the recommendations: "recommended", "recommended with the correction of these shortcomings" or "not recommended".

The editors send the reviewer's recommendations to the author by e-mail. After receiving the recommendations, the author takes them into account and revises or finalizes the article, or sends a reasoned refusal to accept the recommendations (comments) of reviewers.

After correcting the remarks or accepting the author's justification, the Editorial Board makes the final decision on the publication of the article.

All copyrights are reserved for the authors of the articles.