Keywords: public administration, science, martial law, international cooperation, development prospects, problems.


The article reveals the problems public administration faced in the science field in Ukraine during martial law. In particular, the problems associated with the decrease in the funding of scientific research and the insufficient distribution of funds were investigated. It was analyzed that the instability and lack of coordination of management structures responsible for the scientific sector during hostilities lead to the lack of a clear strategy and appropriate management mechanisms, unclear procedures, and conflicts of interest. War and related restrictions have been found to make it difficult for scientists and scientific information to move, which can lead to a loss of contact with the international scientific community and limit access to the latest research and the exchange of ideas. Military actions on the territory of our country lead to a large outflow of the able­bodied population, including scientists, in search of safety and better opportunities. However, against the background of obvious problems, we proposed several actions regarding the prospects for the development of science during martial law. They relate to strengthening coordination and cooperation between various structures to ensure the effectiveness of scientific research and the implementation of military needs. We have proven that increasing the level of managerial competence and professionalism in this area is an important task since war requires quick and effective decision­making and the implementation of scientific can contribute to developing the scientific base and using the latest technologies. It is recommended to pay attention to transparency and openness in the process of public management of science to ensure public trust, efficient use of resources and prevent corruption.


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