For authors

Requirements for a scientific article submitted for publication in the journal "Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education Herald" (language of publication: Ukrainian, English)



1. Requirements to the content

1.1. Relevance of the article to the subject of the journal.

1.2. Scientific style of presentation (accuracy, logic, conciseness, clarity, coherence, integrity, completeness) of the material and its high scientific level.

2. Requirements for the volume

2.1. The total length of a scientific article (information about the author, title, abstract in Ukrainian, keywords in Ukrainian, text, footnotes, references) should not exceed 20 pages.

2.2. The total length of the review should not exceed 5 pages. It is necessary to send a copy of the monograph, textbook, manual or other publication under review.

3. Requirements for formatting

3.1 The volume of the article is 10-20 pages (not less than 10 pages of the main text excluding the list of references and annotations), in Ukrainian or English. Font - Times New Roman, size 14, line spacing - 1.5, margins - all 2 cm, paragraph - 1.25 cm. Formatting paragraphs with intervals (spaces) or tabs is not allowed. Only the following quotation marks should be used in the text: " ". No hyphenation is allowed in the text. Pages are not numbered.

3.2. The UDC index (Universal Decimal Classifier) is placed before the title of the article, on a separate line, in the upper left corner. The UDC index is determined by the author.

3.3 Information about the author(s) should be provided in English and Ukrainian after the UDC index (command - text width alignment), indicating the surname and name, academic degree and academic title, position, place of work (study) and its full address, e-mail of each co-author; the ORCID number ( and DOI (assigned by the editorial board at the expense of the author) should be given in the line below. All information is given in the nominative case. The last name and first name of the author(s) are in bold and italics, other information is in italics only. The article is submitted in Ukrainian and English. The ORCID number is determined by the author.

3.4. Bibliographic description of the article (provided by the editorial board).

3.5. The abstract is submitted in Ukrainian and English (at least 1800 characters without spaces in each abstract).

Keywords are words from the text of the material that carry a meaningful load from the point of view of information retrieval. Key words are given in the nominative case, the total number of key words (or phrases) is not less than five and not more than seven, and are given in Ukrainian and English.

3.6. The title of the article should be given in capital letters, centered, without abbreviations, including abbreviations. The title of the article should reflect the content of the study and correspond to its purpose, scientific results and conclusions.

3.7. The main body of the article should contain the following structural elements:

  • relevance of the problem;
  • analysis of recent research and publications (only a list of names is not allowed);
  • definition of the purpose and main objectives of the study;
  • presentation of the main research material;
  • conclusions and prospects for further research on this issue;
  • list of references / References.

All titles of parts (sections) should be highlighted in bold.

Key terminology and main provisions of the article should be italicized (if necessary).

3.8. Illustrations (tables, charts, graphs, diagrams, schemes, formulas) may be presented in the text of the article. The names of the illustrations should be placed after their numbers. If necessary, the illustrations should be supplemented with explanations (caption).

When preparing tables, the following should be taken into account:

Each table should have a serial number and a thematic heading that should be placed above it and printed symmetrically to the text. The subject heading and the word "Table" should be capitalized. Tables should be in MS Word format (rtf or doc).

Diagrams and graphs should be made using vector editors Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or MS Excel. Diagrams should be in vector format (cdr, eps, pdf, ai).

Formulas should be executed using the MS Equation 3.0 formula editor, Math Type.

Charts, graphs, diagrams, formulas should not be placed in a separate frame or on top of the text and should not be wrapped.

3.9. References in the text

References to cited sources should be given in square brackets after the citation. The first digit is the number of the source in the list of references, the second is the page number, for example: [17, с. 5]. References to several sources at the same time are given as follows: [1; 4; 8] or [2, p. 32; 9, p. 48; 11, p. 257].

3.10. Requirements for References and the List of References

According to the requirements of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine for a scientific professional publication and international standards of scientific publications, two separate lists of references and literature should be submitted: 1) the first, the "List of References", is formed in alphabetical order, without numbering, in the language of the cited sources, first in Cyrillic, then in Latin. The bibliographic description of the list of references is drawn up taking into account the National Standard of Ukraine DSTU 8302:2015 "Information and Documentation. Bibliographic reference. General Provisions and Rules of Compilation"; 2) the second, "References", is necessary for the correct indexing of the article's references by scientometric and search engines; it duplicates the first list in Latin and provides Cyrillic sources in transliterated form and translation (the author's research title) in accordance with APA style.

Format: author (transliterated), title of the article (transliterated), title of the article (English translation in square brackets), title of the source (transliterated), source data (city with English designation), publisher (transliterated). The order and number of sources in the bibliography should remain unchanged. References to English-language sources are not transliterated.

The transliteration should be done depending on the original language of the source: for the Ukrainian language, the official transliteration should be used. The online service for transliteration of Ukrainian-language sources is the public system of transliteration of the Ukrainian alphabet into Latin УКРЛІТ.ORG”;

4. Submission requirements

4.1. To publish an article in the Issue, it is necessary to fill in the author's certificate and send an article prepared in accordance with the specified requirements to the e-mail address:

Authors who do not have a scientific degree must submit an electronic version (scanned document or photo) of the recommendation to publish an article in the collection from the relevant department or laboratory (extract from the minutes of the meeting) or supervisor, certified by the seal of the institution.

4.2. All articles undergo internal anonymous peer review and are checked for plagiarism. After receiving confirmation from the editorial board that the article has been accepted for publication, the details for payment of the publication fee are provided.

4.3. The author (co-authors) must pay for the service of placing the article in the journal after confirmation of acceptance of the article for publication.

Sample of the title of electronic files:

Petrenko I.I. _article, Petrenko_receipt.

4.4. The author (co-authors) accepts the terms of the License Agreement for the use of the work.

4.5. The author (co-authors) is (are) responsible for the accuracy of the material presented, the ownership of the latter by him (her) personally and the quality of translation of quotations from foreign sources.

4.6. Materials submitted in violation of these requirements are not published and are not returned to the author (co-authors).

4.7. The Editorial Board has the right to review (double-blind peer review) and reject articles.

We sincerely hope for fruitful cooperation!