Periodical " DNIPRO ACADEMY OF CONTINUING EDUCATION HERALD ", series "Philosophy. Pedagogy", registered with the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, 19.11.2021, Certificate of state registration of the mass media: series KV № 25053-14993R.

In accordance with the orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine dated 15.01.2018 № 32 "On Approval of the Procedure for Forming the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine", dated 27.04.2023 № 491, dated 20.06.2023 № 768, dated 20.12.2023 № 1543 "On Decisions on the Awarding of Academic Degrees and Conferment of Academic Titles and Amendments to the Orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine", the scientific publication "Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education Herald", series "Philosophy. Pedagogy", is included in category "B" in the following fields: Philosophical Sciences (specialty - 033), Pedagogical Sciences (specialties: 011 Educational, Pedagogical Sciences, 014 Secondary Education (by subject specialties), 015 Vocational Education (by specialties).

Frequency of publication: 2 times a year. Acceptance of scientific articles in No. 1, until 01 April and in No. 2,  until 01 November.

The journal publishes original articles by authors in the field of history of philosophy, social philosophy and philosophy of history, philosophy of education, philosophy of management, philosophy of science and technology, ethics and philosophy of religion, history of pedagogy, comparative pedagogy and international education, vocational education and learning theory, inclusive education and correctional pedagogy, pedagogy of preschool and secondary education, pedagogy of higher education. The journal accepts scientific articles, reviews, reports on scientific events and activities that meet the journal's profile and technical requirements. Each article is subject to anonymous peer review and checking for academic integrity (plagiarism).

We accept articles in Ukrainian and English of a problematic, generalizing, review nature that have not been previously published. The editorial board registers DOI for articles and issue numbers. The purpose of the scientific professional journal "Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education Herald", series "Philosophy. Pedagogy" is to publish the results of scientific research in various areas of philosophy and pedagogy. The journal is devoted to the problems of philosophy and pedagogical theory and practice in the historical and modern world context.

Thematic sections of the scientific professional publication "Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education Herald", series "Philosophy. Pedagogy":

  • Philosophy ("History of Philosophy", "Social Philosophy and Philosophy of History", "Philosophy of Education", "Philosophy of Management", "Philosophy of Science and Technology", "Ethics and Philosophy of Religion");
  • Pedagogy (History of Pedagogy, Comparative Pedagogy and International Education, Vocational Education and Learning Theory, Inclusive Education and Correctional Pedagogy, Pedagogy of Preschool and Secondary Education, Pedagogy of Higher Education).

The editorial board of the scientific professional publication carries out external and internal review of all incoming articles. The editorial board includes leading Ukrainian and foreign experts. The periodical cooperates with the largest universities in Ukraine and abroad, as well as with state and local authorities. Such cooperation involves placing information materials, publishing scientific articles, holding conferences, round table meetings and discussions around the publication.

Editor-in-Chief: Olha Vysotska, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor, Head of the Department of Philosophy at the Dnipro Academy of Continuing Education of the Dnipropetrovsk Regional Council.

We invite all scholars, teachers, graduate students and students of higher education institutions to cooperate with our publication and offer to publish the results of their own research.